5 Absolute Signs of Pregnancy

Published: 12th November 2005
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Pregnancy is probably the most glorious phenomenon that can ever happen in a woman. It can also be the most problematic. A woman's body undergoes drastic changes to accommodate the needs of the developing fetus. Some of these manifest themselves in the earliest stages of pregnancy and are very endemic to pregnancy. Here is a list of the tell-tale signs that a pregnancy is right at its onset:

1. Missing the monthly period.

This is a classic pregnancy symptom; especially if a woman's monthly cycle is as precise as the Big Ben. If a woman misses a period, it is probably time to take a home pregnancy test. However, if the woman's menstruation is not very regular, she should wait for a couple of days before taking a pregnancy test.

2. Soreness of breasts.

During pregnancy, breasts tend to be very sensitive. This is accompanied also by the darkening of the areolas or the concentric circle surrounding the nipples. A woman may also feel that her bra doesn't fit her as comfortably as before. This is natural because the breasts tend to increase in size when pregnancy sets in. For some, breast sensitivity is a very uncomfortable ordeal to live with during pregnancy. Fortunately, this wears off come the second trimester. For others, breast sensitivity can be a plus since this translates to heightened pleasure during intimate moments.

3. Morning Sickness.

Pregnant women usually deal with unsettled stomachs each morning during the first weeks of pregnancy. They may also sustain vomiting and feel weakness of the body. Contrary to popular belief, and to the suggestion the name implies, "morning" sickness does not only occur in the morning. Some women come down with nausea in the afternoon or in the evening. Other expectant mothers feel sick the whole day. This is maybe a side-effect due to the increase in the estrogen levels in a woman's body due to the pregnancy.

4. Unusual eating habits.

Women who are in the early stages of pregnancy sometimes crave for food they have never before or rarely eaten. It is also natural for them to be greedy. Some women may at times crave for unusual food, at the same time some women may hate the kind of food which used to be one of their favorites.

5. Spotting and discharge.

In the early stages of pregnancy, mucus begins to accumulate around the opening of the cervix to form the mucus plug, a barrier which serves as protection for the developing baby. Around the time of the implantation, or the time when the embryo has implanted itself on the uterine lining, pregnant women may notice a bit of spotting. Spotting due to pregnancy is light in volume and pinkish in color, as opposed to the deep red color associated with regular menstruation. It is important to emphasize though that discharge during pregnancy should not be accompanied by other distinctive signs of infection such as itchiness, burning sensation and foul odor.

Aside from these symptoms, a pregnant woman may also experience several other complaints such as fatigue, constipation, increase in basal body temperature even after her period is due, frequent urge to urinate and heartburn. Other unusual symptoms that an expectant mother may experience include enhanced sense of smell, weepiness and complexion problems also known as "breaking out". If a woman is experiencing one or more of these symptoms but still is unsure, a convenient home pregnancy test will easily confirm if she can expect a baby in the near future.

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